Here are some of the highlights of the release v2.32.
See the detailed changelog for a complete list of changes.

The cgi.cfg file has been supported for historical reasons. But it did not make sense to separate specific settings for Thruk. So now you can put cgi.cfg settings in the normal thruk_local.conf as well along with all the features that brings with it. ex.: having different settings per user or group. or host specific settings.

When having more than 5 backends, the processinfo page now has a list mode.

API Keys got some optional limits. They can now be limited to certain roles. Also you can limit the number of API keys per user.

Instead of fixed dates, dynamic start and end dates can be quite handy when sending commands from the command line or when creating reports. Find some more information in the documentation.

Set host downtime starting in 2 hours.

      thruk r \
        -d "start_time=now+120m" \
        -d "end_time=now+180m" \
        -d "comment_data=test" \

Use time arithmetics in custom report start/end dates.

The Panorama dashboard got a new search bar. The search looks in the title and description of the dashboard as well as all the icons. It will also highlight the icons matching the search term aftern opening that dashboard.

  • show_custom_vars behaviour changed, host variables must be prefixed with HOST now.