Beautify your Nagios / Icinga / Shinken / Naemon configuration

Thruk includes a small nagios lint tool to beautify your Nagios / Icinga / Shinken configuration files:

  • clean whitespace
  • clean indention
  • remove deprecated attributes
  • validate duplicate or invalid attributes
  • break long command lines into shorter pieces
  • sort attributes naturally

You can either use the script from your Thruk installation (usually in /usr/bin/naglint since version 1.56)
or try it here. Use either the file upload or the text field. Only one file at a time. (The naglint tool
can be used recursivly on directories from the command line)

Your config file will be saved temporarly for processing and will be deleted immediately after processing.
We will not store or keep your configuration. You are still responsible for not sending any passwords or
sensible information.