Grafana Graph Exporting

Thruk offers an interface to export 3rd party performance graphs via a single url. It supports Grafana only right now.

The export is possible with the …​/extinfo.cgi?type=grafana&options_see_below…​ url.

List of Options

  • host: Hostname to export.

  • service: Service description to export. Leave empty for host graphs.

  • format: Can be either png (default) or base64.

  • from: Either a unixtimestamp of the start date or relative date like -2h.

  • to: Either unixtimestamp of the end date or relative date like now.

  • width: Image width in px.

  • height: Image height in px.

  • source: If there are multiple graps in a grafana dashboard, the source can be used to choose on of them. The index starts at 1.

  • disablePanelTitle: Can be set to 1 to hide the panel title.

  • legend: Can be set to 0 to hide the legend.

  • theme: Can be either light or dark and sets the grafana theme.

  • font_color: Sets the font color, ex.: #000000

  • background_color: Sets the background color, can be either transparent or a hex colour like #FFFFFF


Fetch a exported graph via curl:

  %> curl -k 'https://user:password@your_webserver/thruk/cgi-bin/extinfo.cgi?type=grafana&host=localhost&service=Ping&from=-1d&to=now'
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