Here are some of the highlights of the release v2.30.
See the detailed changelog for a complete list of changes.

This release includes a new naemon/nagios plugin check_thruk_rest which can be used to do checks based on the rest api. It is also a handy way to get some statistics in your monitoring and your normal performance graphing tools.

Show active sessions of the last 10 minutes:

%> check_thruk_rest \
  -o '{STATUS} - There are {sessions} active sessions.' \
  --warning=sessions:20 \
  --critical=sessions:30 \

  OK - There are 1 active sessions.|'sessions'=1;20;30;;

Pump host statistics into performance monitoring.

%> check_thruk_rest \
  -o "{STATUS} - got {total_hosts%d} hosts" \
  --rename=total:total_hosts \

  OK - got 129 hosts|...

If you have Business Processes which itself link to other Business Processes you always could simply follow the link and drill down in the usual bp pages. This is now possible in Panorama dashboards as well. When drilling down, a home button will appear to go back to the original business process.

Starting with this release Thruk uses double sha256 hashing for sessions and api keys. From now on, when you create a new API key from the users profile, you will see your private key only once. If you ever loose, you will have to create a new key.

  • fixed thruk mobile issue with latest jquery update.
  • fixed config tool issue which resulted in broken object lists.