Here are some of the highlights of the release v2.28.
See the detailed changelog for a complete list of changes.

You can aggregate any rest query with the following aggregation functions:

  • count()
  • avg()
  • sum()
  • min()
  • max()
%> thruk r '/hosts?columns=count(*)'
   "count(*)" : 1

Grouping is possible by adding extra columns without aggregation functions.

Further details about the rest API can be found in the documentation.

%> thruk r '/services?columns=state,count(*),avg(latency)'
      ":KEY" : "0",
      "avg(latency)" : 0.792919194698,
      "count(*)" : 5
      ":KEY" : "1",
      "avg(latency)" : 0.8855984807,
      "count(*)" : 2

Starting with Naemon v1.0.10 you will see serviceparents and dependencies along with the usual service details.

service parents

You can now manage dependencies and escalations right in the config tool.


The old datepicker has been replaced with a fresh one.

This one allows you to pick ranges easier and is able to select start and end date within a single popup.

date picker