Here are some of the highlights of the release v3.10.
See the detailed changelog for a complete list of changes.

The new explore mode is extends the advanced search from previous release into a permanent page.

It comes with a built-in auto completion for attributes and operators.

Tip: to add the explore mode to your side navigation
simply add this to your /etc/thruk/menu_local.conf

# standalone installation
#do '/usr/share/thruk/menu.conf';

# omd site
do $ENV{'OMD_ROOT'}.'/share/thruk/menu.conf';

insert_item('Current Status', { 'href' => 'status.cgi?explore=1', 'name' => 'Explore', 'after' => 'Service Groups' });

The new agents plugin is a config tool extension and can be used
to manage SNClient installations.
Note: you need to enable this plugin first, it is not enabled by default.

The SNClient is a multi-platform agent designed to replace NSClient++ and NRPE.
Read more here: