Here are some of the highlights of the release v3.08.
See the detailed changelog for a complete list of changes.

So fancy new features in this release, just a set of minor improvements and bugfixes, so here is the changelog:
3.08.3   Fri Jul 21 13:06:06 CEST 2023
      - improve landing page performance
      - fix replacing links in plugin output containing spaces
      - fix cluster status icon
      - fix lexical query parser (#1296)
      - fix search preview highlighting (#1295)
      - auth: cache failed basic auth logins
      - Rest
        - make performance data numbers instead of strings
        - add missing !>= operator

3.08.2   Sat Jul  8 09:56:31 CEST 2023
      - fix selecting backends
      - fix flickering on main page during reload
      - improve visual feedback on page reload

3.08     Sat Jul  1 11:29:49 CEST 2023
      - DEPRECATION WARNING: gaining admin role from system_commands and configuration_information role
        is deprecated now and will be removed in the future.
      - DEPRECATION: this release drops support for phantomjs in favor of puppeteer
      - improve display of large byte numbers in human perf data table
      - replace links in plugin output
      - fix main home page graphs layout breaking on refresh in chrome (#1238)
      - fix custom time selection showing unix timestamp (#1288)
      - fix sending commands via rest api if service contains backslashes (#1282)
      - fix sending commands contain multiple sub commands (#1289)