Here are some of the highlights of the release v2.38.
See the detailed changelog for a complete list of changes.

Thruk now threads the cgi.cfg like a normal configuration file. So anything which could have been set in the cgi.cfg can now be configured in the thruk_local.conf as well and vice versa. This allows personalized configuration snippets for example like this:

<User dashboard_user>

Thruk got a new logcache which performs way better. The idea of the logcache is to put log data into a sql database so Thruk does not have to request the logs for reports from livestatus over and over.

There are 2 range buckets now. A shorter range (10weeks by default) which stores all log entries and a longer range (2 years by default) which only stores sla relevant entries. Doing this, we could remove the deduplication which didn't help as much as expected and made things slower and more complicated then neccessary.

The new version does take better use of the time and host index so queries should be much faster.

The database scheme has changed, so a new import is required. If it is not done automatically, you can run the import like this:

      %> thruk logcache import --start=-1y

This will import the last years logfiles into the database.

Finally, a logcache details page has been added to get more insights about the cache itself, linked from the performance page.

logcache details

Previously reports could either be made public read-only or not. The latest release adds more fine granular permissions and lets you choose to add read-only or read-write permissions to specific users and groups.

report permissions