JSON Exporting

There are several pages which offer json exports.

Also have a look at the new REST API which provides all of this exports and much more.

List of Pages

Status Data

Example: /thruk/cgi-bin/status.cgi?view_mode=json&host=all

Parameters: all usual status page parameters and filter. Use the gui filter and then json export link for maximum convenience.

It is possible to set the columns by using the 'columns' parameter:

Example: /thruk/cgi-bin/status.cgi?view_mode=json&host=all&columns=name,status

Availability Data

Example: /thruk/cgi-bin/avail.cgi?view_mode=json&host=all


    t1=1357575984                       # start timestamp
    t2=1357662384                       # end timestamp
    host=hostname                       # hostname
    assumestateretention=yes            # assume state retention or not
    assumeinitialstates=yes             # assume initial state or not
    assumestatesduringnotrunning=yes    # assume state during core not running or not
    initialassumedhoststate=0           # initial assumed host state
    initialassumedservicestate=0        # initial assumed service state
    full_log_entries                    # include full logs

See Monitoring::Availability for a detailed description of all parameters.

Statistics Data / Tactical Overview Data

Example: /thruk/cgi-bin/tac.cgi?view_mode=json

Parameters: none

Example: /thruk/cgi-bin/tac.cgi?view_mode=json

Backends / Sites Data

new in release v2.04

Export all site/backend specific data:

Example: /thruk/cgi-bin/extinfo.cgi?type=0&view_mode=json

Business Process Data

Example: /thruk/cgi-bin/bp.cgi?view_mode=json&bp=id

Parameters: optional business process id

Example: /thruk/cgi-bin/bp.cgi?view_mode=json&bp=1

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